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Wool Stash Cush

see pattern in comment below or email me for pdf

Since someone at Ravelry is friends with the girls who are stealing from me, my whole profile page was removed, including my profile picture, aswell as this pattern!! (Had an account for over 10 yrs – total non-thinking Nazis) So, I will put it here; (stand up to bullies, and have some bloody guts admin, the problem cannot be fixed if you’re not aware of it)
About me; All patterns for sale come from a liberated home, and free of alcohol and drugs – I like to be of sound mind always, there are way too many dogs trying to rip you off and take advantage, you would be stupid not to pay full attention whenever in public, (especially at Bunnings and Harvey Norman – those staff prey and steal from young women – third born halfwits)
I love beautiful yarns, I love looking at beautiful things, and I love people who take pride and effort in their daily choice of dress – I don’t mean spending on expensive brands, I mean dressing with thought and creativity.
My mother taught me to knit in my final year of school; I created a wonderful technicolored coat from neck to ankle. I went on to complete a diploma in Fashion. I worked 10 years in the fashion industry. I ‘rediscovered’ knitting a few years ago, and I have taken much interest in learning and researching various knitting techniques and garment construction. I have many designs and hope to do more in the future.
I have made a decision to keep fibers natural, and I find myself on a textile journey, growing and producing my own fibers, and discovering natural dyes. I have taught Knitting, a course at the Gunnedah Community College. (to pay the bills I sell Australian Seed:…

Any comments or pattern troubles email me, I will only be too happy to help. (Don’t be afraid!)
If you are a knitter with NO kids, I will email you the PDF for FREE, you will have to send me your email address. OR IF YOUR A DANCER – FREE PATTERNS FOR YOU. (But NOT if you’re a Spaniard – due to cruel Spanish bullfighting – no free patterns for a Spaniard, honestly, that whole country ought to be ashamed of themselves)
Thank you to the people that have uploaded a photo of one of my patterns that they knitted – I love to see picys. Note: My patterns are long, usually line by line, I try to write my patterns as if even a true beginner could understand them.
My Pusscats:
My Fabric Designs:…
My Odd Stuff 4 Sale:…

**What people are really like THE UGLY TRUTH:** "Brace yourself, Effie. Life is a series of years of being totally screwed"
I can’t believe the amount of people, women in particular who steal. It’s pathetic. Stop it, or you will go to hell! For a list of stolen items:…
View this better on Google Drive (need account to view)…

-PicPocketers in Gunnedah (and who follow me around wherever I go and steal from me)! Really and truly I’ve had it up to here with stupid little bimbos who steal, it’s not going to be so funny if I catch you red-handed, I assure you. Clare Gardener, why are you following me around in an orange Torana? Can’t you think for yourself?

Gladstone Elders ‘legally’ stole a part of my Bond, STOLEN. Get out of my head little girl. The means, ways and tactics that girls come up with to steal from me is unbelievable, this is just another one, it’s almost as bad as the business in Tamworth (NorthApp) who stole my brand-new F&P ‘Tall’ dishwasher in a totally ‘legal’ manner. (Because it was tall)
And, I have noticed girls in Gunnedah, allways follow me around, wherever I go, like stray dogs, (unbelievable stupidity) and I have noticed and recognized some of them, from the younger years at NEGS, (27 years ago now), Tarsha Burns little sister Gina, Emma Finylason, and house mistress Miss Goldman. (don’t ask me why??) – I now need a camera recording around my neck whenever I go into town, to keep the bully bimbos at bay. EVEN AT MY NEW ADDRESS IN QLD. – Or, it could be my little bitch sister Penny Bieman stealing? (just realized she and some short sales girl stole $2200 from me at Harvey Norman 20yrs ago via cash/creditcard issue)

The staff at Bunnings and Harvey Norman steal from young females – they are targeted, entrapped and preyed upon, they are followed home, and are harassed by Bunnings staff – 20 years of harassment. I literally need someone to housesit my house whenever I go into town so nothing gets stolen. Stupid. I believe Centerlink and ‘jobs providers’ are also guilty of stealing from me.

Nurses at hospitals make kids sick deliberately, so they can look after them. (some, I have to say, at Armidale Hospital NSW)
Is there a list of Sadistic Doctors and Dentists in Australia? I would like to name and shame a few that I have had personal experience with. I know there is an organized network, akin to pedophiles, people who get thrills from inflicting pain on other people / animals. But I guess I’m out of the loop.

Record all Doctor / Pathology etc with BodyCam – Gunnedah pathology GRH, – such waking dead zombie behaviour) Not to mention – Dr. Norman Sadick and 2 Dental assistants (1 looked like NEGS girl by the name of Burn, a younger year) messed up filling that had nothing wrong with in the first place). And then there was the stupefied zombie dentist who started scraping up my gums in a haze – Dr B, and Dr J who showed me what it felt like to put a needle into the nerve, thanks sooo much – Seriously, I could go on, so many sadistic doctors and nurses, it’ bizarre and ironically completely unhealthy.

Local council ‘dogs’ as I call them, vandalizing my car when it’s parked in a carpark or on the street – muffler damaged, broken into -items removed, screws loosened, once even cables removed so it would not start, and occasionally park brake put on, as if car had been taken, then returned? (I live in a small country town, population about 10000.) (Since installing carcam, this has reduced) What is wrong with council staff – they have serious social issues. (They also steal money and do ‘fake’ roadworks, organized by nagging wives)

I have little dogs who are jealous of my clothes, and try to sabotage them, they also do it on my fabrics, and any other item of good quality sometimes they even swap item over for poorer quality and don’t think that I will notice like the quality cocoa from America and premium petrol for the mower. It’s a gold star dog problem, that is taught by primary school teachers who brainwash them into believing that if a person is not of a certain standard, then they are not deserving of anything good, like the gold star in 5th class – So these little girls apply the same principle in adult life, but substituting the gold stars for good quality items or lifestyle, they just love playing ‘teacher’. They are completely ‘Stupid. (My home and business that I had put 10yrs backbreaking work into was ‘stolen’ from me for this reason. 2018) – Related: This is what happens in my life: every time I would walk in front of a crowded open street café, I would have some girl yell out in an abusive insulting manner at me, this happened every single time I walked past a café, every time, no matter what part of Australia – even in the café at Bunnings, when I was walking past minding my own business shopping!! DOGS (I no longer shop at Bunnings their staff steal from me too)
So, but, this has stopped since I now wear a bodycam everywhere I go, I literally have to wear a camera EVERYWHERE I go – but I avoid walking down the street, there is just too much harassment. Aswell, I have to have cameras set up hidden in my house whenever I have leave it, so no Bunnings or Harvey Norman staff steal anything. DOGS (they turn off the power, so cctv is pretty much useless, but there are new technologies now for those 20yr old Kleptocrats.) I have women that follow me around and are obsessed with me, I call it the Little Girl Problem. Their main aim is to sabotage everything, like manipulate the situation to make me look bad and get me kicked out – I mean kicked out of my house/ community groups, kicked out of facebook, Rav, you name it, whatever they can do to sabotage my daily life they will try and do it – they have an unhealthy obsession and they steal, and it has been going on for 20 years, going back to NEGS girls.

Staff at Hornsby MacDonald’s served up juice that had been urinated in. Coles Sushi sheets that taste like dogdo, olive oil made from anything but olives, the list of ‘costcutted’ foods goes on and on.

I took my car to JT Fossey Cars & Trucks in Tamworth, NSW for service – the mechanics cut my fuel line, placed a filter on it, so that when started, a portion of the fuel fumes was directed inside the car – stinking it up with fuel fumes – Seriously. (Still charged me full price, later I took it elsewhere to be fixed, I think they thought it would be funny – stupid idiots)

Supermarket checkout chicks ripping you off at checkout – check your receipts over 12 months, you will see what I mean. (Big Hardware place does it too) They also tamper with food, the most common thing they do is add huge amounts of salt, replace butter with vegetable oil, remove flavour and general cost cutting of quality, are tactics they use. (Fight Club copycat Tactics, Brad Pitt has a lot to answer for)

A lot of employers will not pay young people superannuation if they think they can get away with it, as a young person may not know their entitlements, they might not even get paid in full. (Female employers are the worst offenders, I would say DO NOT WORK FOR A WOMEN, THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU) Not to mention a fashion designer I once worked for briefly, she refused to pay my final 4 days in work there, and then later denied I had worked there at all, this was designer Jodie Boffa, an exclusive fashion boutique in Sydney’s Paddington (this was some years, ago, not sure if she is still there, and ofcourse social media was not around) It is my experience that the so called ‘well respected’ members of the community are often the most scummy.

There is a café in Paddington, Sydney that needs to be blown up. It was placed there solely to see young women trip over the wonky pavement across the road before entering a boutique.

Women; wake up, don’t let other more strong willed women persuade your mind (and some men too), don’t be one of those women who thinks she wins if only she can get you to change your mind about anything and every single bloody thing (That’s what STUPID women do, along with being a bitch to other women but in a sweet passive voice, so it is often not clear that they are being aggressive. I am sick and tired of STUPID women). (thankyou to all the really smart women who have since been intouch!) AND, So a theory has been presented to me why blondes are completely stupid- turns out it’s not about the blonde hair, it’s about the big boobs. Young girls with big boobs are raped by their fathers- in the metaphysical world, at night when they are asleep ( real ). They grow up not wanting to remember, because it’s so repulsive, it makes them stupid. I would like to add my father didn’t rape me in the metaphysical world or any world, but I know of men, who do it, it’s a real thing.

Pay Attention, Be aware: There are highly contagious viruses at Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Child Day Care Centres, -Including occupational ‘asthma’ and the very serious Glandular Fever or some such virus (?), which I personally believe leads to inflammation of the brain – memory loss – Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Not to mention pneumonia – this virus is a silent killer, once you get it, that’s it, you have it for life, and your body’s immune has a constant fight on its hand – weakening you. I also believe this is why there is so many dementia cases now, – so called health professionals encouraging this virus amongst the population (80% apparently carry the pneumonia virus) in order to build up an immune, and different DNA reacts differently to it, I recall my mother getting this virus or some such virus at the Alkira nursing home, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 48 (signs showing years before, after she got sick) And after I (was forced by Centrelink Nazi bimbos under their total scam slave labour ‘work for the dole’ program – forced me to sign a paper saying if I got sick I wouldn’t sue them, -guilty as all hell – I did get sick, big time, and I believe it was a virus given to me deliberately by the dogs (those women at Centerlink ought to be SHOT) at the same nursing home (age 34), I got sick, and I have been a changed sickly person ever since, whole upper body and memory weakened especially with the onset of cold weather (I’m talking total flip out when I get cold, i.e. before virus; 1 doona, after virus; 4 doonas). I noticed in the first week a change in my memory, my memory had gone out the window within one week of getting sick from glandular fever. Why is there no correlation between dementia and viruses? –if you have weak DNA for memory, and have not had a virus, move to Darwin, virus does not survive in warm weather. (its not the turmeric) (I heard a girl with MS also believes that was onset by a virus)
It is not normal to get sick every winter – this needs to be addressed. In my opinion this virus should be the number 1 priority by scientists to be eradicated. (Oh, and some vitamin / mineral supplements cause cancer, I believe my dads pancreatic cancer was caused from a $400 bottle of nutrient solution -it’s like fertilizer (wrongly fertilize your plants, they keel over and die, same thing)- who sold him that bottle??)

Save the planet, stop breeding like rabbits, seriously. (mothers with only one child make the best mothers, if you can’t afford to feed your child you should not have had kids and thus are stupid (thieving bloody single mothers, I have had it up to here and beyond with you) And, if you can’t afford to buy a house for your kids when they turn 18, DO NOT HAVE KIDS.

My cat died from spot on flea treatment (Mast Cell Tumors) CANCER according to $400 biopsy and coward vet.
Dentists will tell you all sorts of problems you have to get your money. (Same with Vets, Mechanics….) of course not all – they really need to put CCTVs on the ceiling at dentists to monitor work

Doctors are perverts (a child needs to be accompanied by both parents at Dr visit) -actually I would further say a child needs to be accompanied by at least 1 parent at all times, a parent who pays attention. (including in the classroom)

I have been attacked by dogs 5 times in my life (only 5 times by the canine species). I will describe one here.
I ventured over to my country neighbors farm by horseback one day, about a horse – they knew who I was, I had been there a week or so before with my other neighbor discussing horses and kittens.
I jumped down off my horse and walked the 4 or 5m under the patio to the back door, in that time, their dog was there and looking like it would attack, I called out to see if anyone was home, then the dog did attack. I screamed bloody mary, and it released itself and ran away (I am a slight person (was), but I have a scream like you would not believe), but then I heard a voice, the owner, Mrs Finlay was just sitting at the open window literally 1m away from me, she would have seen the whole thing unfurl from the moment I jumped off my horse, yet she did not call her dog off. That woman is plain evil and she does not deserve to live.

The Australian Government did not pay my Aus. study when I was 18 and entitled, yes, entitled, that’s what we do in this country, to encourage thinkers (The girls who work at Centrelink will not pay payments if they think they can get away with it), so a young person maybe especially victimized at centrelink, btw it is up to parents to teach kids about these disgraceful women.) They made me sign a form stating if I got sick under their total scam slave labour ‘work for the dole’ program that I would not sue them, – I did get sick, big time, and I believe it was a virus given to me deliberately by the dogs.
Basically a total abuse of power seems to be the common thing in Australia amongst not only government workers but the private sector too (little Nazis. WE ARE A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY)

Some governments create armies to defend its country, the Australian government create dog armies to fight against its own people – cockaninnies. (I am not really a political person, I don’t even watch the news due to all the furphies, sometimes I think I am the only one that can see what is going on, and btw, I was banned from Facebook for speaking out with the truth, this country and America has major oppression issues in 2019)

Debbie Croft, Primary school teacher, who spent the whole of my 4th class humiliating me ( I was very tiny, an oompa loompa, the smallest in the class), choosing me as her ‘whipping boy’ to get the boys to do their work or else ‘look what happens’ (Apparently, this a common teaching method for certain teachers, because, they say, it works {DISCUSTING}. I guess the failed to think about the future, little girls grow up, and this one has an unbelievable memory – you will be held accountable for POWERTRIPPING BULLY behaviour.

One more thing, I don’t know if it’s just me, or if anyone else experiences this but when I call any business, big business especially; the call centre person seems to allways just want to muck me about, like put me on hold for 1 ½ hrs, or say one thing, then the next time you call, say the exact opposite, so lie and evade the initial query (honestly, some girls really appear retarded). In my younger years I used to listen to a song writer, Ani Difranco, her words to one song seem to resonate whenever I get off the phone from some such business ”Make them pay”. So, as I get older and more assertive, I realize I can actually do something about it and with the help of certain consumer departments here in Australia, I have done just that: Telstra $2500 x 3, CBA $300, AGL $200, Coles $155, and I’m only just warming up. (girls at Harvey Norman, your next)

NEGS, Gunnedah Primary School, Limbri School – you need to be sued.

Life is a bitch, I recommend not having kids. Save the planet and get a Bidet!!

Posted by EmilyBiemanKnittingPatterns on 2019-11-01 23:21:43

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